Elementary Faith Formation

What is Elementary Faith Formation?

Parents, when they choose to have their children baptized, are agreeing to form the faith of their children.  This faith is passed on through your parenting, by your extended families, bringing your children to Mass to celebrate the Eucharist, and the teaching of prayers and Catholic morals and principles.  The family provides the lived experience of the faith within the family. 

 The Youth Faith Formation program assists parents in their important role of sharing the faith teachings by providing sequential grade level curriculum about many aspects of the faith.  It is important that your children participate in the program each and every year because the curriculum is designed to cover various topics of the faith in different grades.  Children who have already received first communion participate in Reconciliation during the class time around Advent and Lent.  See the below link for curriculum descriptions.

 Are Families encouraged to participate?

The program is lead entirely by volunteers, primarily parents, whom we call Catechists who lead the children through the curriculum.  Every parent is encouraged to participate as a Catechist because it is the best way to show your children the priority you place on the formal teachings of the faith.   Parents are strongly encouraged to teach or assist in the classroom and help with special projects or events. You receive the gift of understanding your faith on a deeper level when you teach someone else. Please refer to our Catechist page to find out more.

 Are there Family Events?

Additionally parents are invited to attend family events that include the Christmas Pageant the retelling of the Nativity story for children in grades K-3.  Parents are encouraged to attend the Children’s Christmas Day Mass.  Parents are invited to participate in the Children’s led Stations of the Cross for children in grades 3-5 during Lent.