Liturgical Ministry

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The word "lilturgos" means "the work of the people". Indeed there is much to be done in the typical Sunday Liturgy. These include Eucharistic Ministers, Lectors, Ushers, Music Ministry, Altar Servers, and Ministers of the Environment. On this page you will find information regarding each ministry. Please call the parish office if you are interested in being part of our Liturgical Ministry Team.


Ministry of Eucharist
Eucharistic Ministers assist in the setup for Mass, the gathering of additional Eucharistic Ministers, assist in the distribution of Communion, both the consecrated Hosts and the Chalice of the Blood of Christ. They also purify and cleanse the communion vessels after the Mass. Eucharistic Ministers can also receive additional training to bring Communion to the sick. At St. Mary's only three Eucharistic Ministers are scheduled in advance for this ministry, typically about once a month. All Eucharistic Ministers are asked to assist at the Masses they attend as needed and participate in the Entrance Procession.



Lectors proclaim the Word of God. They also read the petitions of the Prayer of the Faith and the announcements at Mass.  One lector is assigned for each Mass. The lector is responsible to study and prepare the readings in advance, set up the Lectionary and Book of the Gospel and participate in the Entrance Procession. Lectors are typically assigned monthly to one Mass of their choice.


Ushers and Ministers of Order
Ushers welcome greet and assist those arriving for Mass. They are the first face many of our guests and visitors meet as they enter the parish.  Ushers distribute bulletins, song sheets and other handouts. They assist those using wheelchairs or walkers, take up collections and assist in the orderly distribution of Communion. They play a critical role behind the scenes in the liturgy itself, overseeing lighting, sound systems, and the use of doors. Trained in the inner workings of the building, they assist in emergency, power outages, fire alarms, etc.   Ushers are scheduled at the Mass of their choice twice a month.


Music Ministry
Music shapes the spirit and tone of the Liturgy.  Musicians help the congregation find it voice and give expression to the meaning of the Liturgy.  St. Mary's has two English choirs, two Spanish choirs as well as additional musicians and cantors that assist in our various Sunday Liturgies.  The Parish Choir sings each Sunday at the 9:30 morning Mass.  The Teen Choir sings each Sunday evening at the 5:30 Mass during the Winter Season.  Both choristers and musicians are always welcome. 


Altar Servers
Service at the Altar of God is a great honor.  St. Mary's has adults, teens, and children in the 4th grade or older serve at our Masses.  Servers are scheduled monthly at the Mass of their choice.


Liturgical Environment
The beauty of our churches, the seasonal theme of the Liturgy is enhanced and finds expression through the work of those who minister to our environment.  They care for the plants, oversee the flowers, and provide the decorations that accompany the liturgical season. 


Care of the Altar Linens
This ministry involves the laundering of the altar linens that have been used at the liturgy. Laundry can be picked up in the Sacristy after the last Sunday liturgy or on Mondays in the Parish office. They need to be cleaned and returned to the office by mid day on Thursday. The commitment varies depending on the number of volunteers.