Parish Pastoral Council

About Our Parish Pastoral Council

A Parish Pastoral Council is provided for by Canon Law and required as an essential body by the Diocese of Salt Lake. The Diocese of Salt Lake defines the role of the Parish Pastoral Council as consultative and advisory to the Pastor.

The Parish Pastoral Council is intended to be a conduit to and from the Pastor to hear all voices of the parish. The Pastor solicits and listens to the Parish Pastoral Council’s advice, but ultimately makes the final decisions as to all Parish matters.

The Council provides a forum for topic consideration and provides advice and counsel regarding many parish life issues including prayer, community, growth and planning, policies and procedures. The Council encourages other committees in the Parish to share their knowledge and issues with them and they will address them as requested and as appropriate.

Our Parish Pastoral Council is made up of elected and appointed Parishioners and our Pastor. In addition, the Parish Pastoral Council may decide to add at-large members to ensure an adequate representation for diverse groups within the parish.

Parish Pastoral Council meetings are held monthly in the Parish Center. Please check the Parish calendar for meeting dates and times.

How can You Utilize Your Parish Pastoral Council
Every parishioner should feel free to discuss any Parish related issue with a Parish Pastoral Council member. Parish Pastoral Council members will listen to concerns and ideas and then bring them up, as appropriate, or as requested, for discussion with the entire council or direct parishioners to appropriate other committees within our Parish. All parishioners should feel free to attend any Council meeting to listen and observe. If a Parishioner would like to discuss a specific agenda item at a council meeting, they are welcome to request a time slot at a Parish Pastoral Council meeting.


2018-2019 Pastoral Council Membership

Gracie Cortes, President

Kim Tosti, Vice President

Kristen Tooley, Secretary

Scott Miller

Bob Pellegrine

George Murphy

Juan Carlos Rea

Rosa Alvarez

Bob Piscitelli

Jose Cruz Garcia

Kathy Mickler

Tony Ardivino

Rob Brinton

Kimberly DeVries