How Do I Become a Catholic?
Through the RCIA program at St. Mary’s!

Contact Deacon Tom or Nancy Tosti for information, 435 783-5831 or [email protected]marysparkcity.com Classes meet each Thursday beginning in the Fall, from 7 – 9 p.m. in the Parish Center. Pre-Registration begins in August and is required.


RCIA The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults
A Journey of People Growing in Faith.

The process through which adults are initiated and received into the Catholic faith community.
This journey leads to Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist and can take anywhere from one year to several years depending on the faith journey of each person. The process includes four periods of formation:

1. Pre-Catechumenate...a period of discussion, prayer, and discernment.
2. Catechumenate...a time of formation in Christian living.
3. Enlightenment and Purification...a time of prayer and spiritual preparation.
4. Mystagogy...a time for reflection on full membership in the Church.

Each stage of the journey is designed to help the individual become a member of the Church by truly experiencing the life, the self-understanding, and the activities of the community itself.


Who are invited on the journey?

Reception into Full Communion through a profession of faith, Confirmation, and Eucharist:

  • Those who are already baptized in another Christian faith and wish to become members of the Catholic community.
  • A baptized Catholic wishing to complete initiation through Confirmation and Eucharist.

Full Initiation into the Catholic faith through Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist:

  • Anyone having reached the age of reason – considered to be around seven years of age – is treated as an adult in the initiation process. The process for adults is handled through the RCIA process and for children through the parish Religious Education program.


Who is involved in the RCIA?  

Through our baptism, we are all called by Christ to extend his invitation to new members. Therefore, the entire parish community must take responsibility for the formation of adults who wish to join the community. Support functions are filled by a Catechetical team consisting of several trained members of the Church community, both from the laity and the clergy; a sponsor or companion on the journey, offering support and guidance, to the catechumen; and the godparent who is chosen by the individual to accompany the person at the Easter Vigil through the sacraments of initiation.