Social Outreach & Hospitality

We are proud to welcome the world. The ministry of hospitality and welcome is taken seriously at St. Mary's and at St. Lawrence. Our commitment to the wider community and its needs is also important. Thus it is that not only in our liturgies, but also in moments of great need we seek to serve. Whether it be a cup of coffee and a fresh doughnut, a sip of cider and fresh cheese for a visitor, guest or tourist, or the more serious effort to feed the truly hungry and embrace those who mourn and those in serious need, we seek to serve. To be part of any of these ministries call the Parish office for ministry lead contact information.


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Coffee and Donuts / Cider and Cheese

The welcoming of our guests and visitors receive as they enter our churches finds continued expression not only in the celebration of our Liturgy but also afterwards when there is time to visit, meet and share our lives.  A cup of coffee and a fresh donut on a cold Sunday morning makes that happen. So does a cup of cider and a bite of cheese on a cracker. Coffee and Donuts are after the 8:00 am and 9:30 am Masses. Cider and Cheese are the weekly fare after the Saturday evening Mass

Food Bank

St. Mary's Parish and St. Lawrence Mission have food banks to assist transients and the working poor.  Both are run by volunteers.  Volunteers shelve the food received, meet and welcome those who come and distribute food according to need. 

St. Mary's Parish food bank is located at 121 Park Avenue (Old Town Chapel).  It is open Tuesdays from Noon until Five.

St. Lawrence Food Bank is located at St. Lawrence Church.  It is open on Sundays after the 11:15 Mass

 Bereavement and Pastoral Care

The Bereavement and Pastoral Care committee assists parishioners at moments of great sadness or serious personal need.  The dignified and tender celebration of the Funeral Rites of the Church require the encompassing arms not only of the Church's priests and deacons but also the loving embrace of the people.  The Bereavement Committee assists in the planning and celebrating of the Funeral Rites as well as the welcoming hospitality and refreshment of those who grieve.

This same group assists those with serious needs, especially the seriously ill and the elderly.


Jail Ministry

The Jail Ministry administers spiritual support and visitation to incarcerated Catholics at the Justice Center here in Park City and Heber.