Pastoral Care of the Sick

The Pastoral Care to the Sick ministry is serves the home-bound, suffering and dying.

We, the Church, are tasked with ministering to the home-bound, sick, suffering and dying in our community.  All baptized Christians share in this ministry through physical care, prayer, pastoral visits to bring Holy Communion, and by celebrating the Sacraments of the Sick.  This ministry is carried out by our parish priests, deacons and a select group of parishioners specifically trained for Pastoral Care.

Challenges for the parish include, lack of knowledge of those who are home-bound, sick, or hospitalized.  Our parish community is large, and we must rely on family members and friends to let us know when someone is absent from Mass for a period of time.  Please contact the Church when a loved one is in need  of pastoral care and we can set up a pastoral care plan.  The Privacy Act prohibits medical institutions from automatically contacting churches.  When someone checks in to a medical institution, you must specifically ask that a minister be contacted or you can contact the church to schedule a pastoral visit.

To add someone to the Pastoral Care roster, please contact Nancy Tosti at 435-783-5831 or via email at: [email protected]