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Main Church at White Pine Canyon Road & Highway 224

Saturday: 5:30 PM
Sunday: 8 AM & 10:30 AM
Mon-Fri: 8 AM *NOTE: All Daily Masses will be at Old Town Chapel June 24-28 due to carpet replacement in the gathering space.

Children's Ministry at most Sunday 10:30 AM Masses

Domingo: 1 PM

Sunday: 3 PM


Saturday: 5 PM
Sun: 10 AM
Mon & Thurs: 9:30 AM

Domingo: 12 PM
Miércoles: 6 PM


Open daily for all to visit, pray at, and worship, St. Mary’s Old Town Chapel is the Oldest Catholic Church in Utah. It’s a special and revered establishment of the community, a precious reminder of our roots, and a landmark for our town. Learn more and support the Chapel at


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Tues: 4:30-5:30 PM
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Sat: 4:30-5:30 PM
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Mon: 10 AM
Wed: 5-6 PM
Thursday: 10 AM


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Mondays 5-6 PM
Thursdays 8:30-9:30 AM
First Fridays 7 PM - Sat. 7 AM
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Wednesdays 5-6 PM



1505 White Pine Canyon Rd
Park City, UT 84060
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121 Park Ave
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Heber City, UT 84032
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84 South 100 West
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Wed - Fri: 10 AM - 6 PM
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weddings & marriage guidelines

Note: When filling out the Date Request Form, please select ONLY 1 WEDDING LOCATION.

wedding request form - parishioner wedding request form - nonparishioner

marriage guidelines

The people of St. Mary's congratulate you on your decision to enter into marriage. God has called you to live powerfully a most beautiful sacrament. Married Christians, in virtue of the sacrament of matrimony, signify and share in the mystery of that unity and fruitful love which exists between Christ and his Church. Christ the Lord raised this union to the dignity of a sacrament so that it might more clearly recall and more easily reflect his own unbreakable union with his Church.

The churches and facilities of St. Mary's available to you have been provided through the sacrifice and generosity of deeply committed people of faith. The following information is given you at this time not only to help you plan your wedding day so that it will be a dignified and reverent expression of your lifelong marriage commitment, but also with the expectation that you will treat these holy places with the respect and reverence which is due them and their benefactors.

who may marry at st. mary's

Baptized Catholics
All baptized Catholics residing in Summit and Wasatch Counties in Utah may marry at St. Mary's in accordance with Church law. St. Mary's provides prenuptial marriage preparation and the ceremony for parishioners, as well as for the children of registered parishioners and for non-registered Catholics who live full-time within the boundaries of the parish.

Catholics living outside the boundaries of the parish require permission and preparation in their local parish.

click here for marriage prep

scheduling your wedding day

Form and Fee
You may reserve the date and time for your wedding by returning the appropriate form (listed at top of page) and fee at least 4 months prior to the date of the wedding. Keep in mind, this fee does not include fees for musicians or vocalists. These fees are contracted directly with the vendors.

Should a couple also wish to express appreciation to the priest or deacon for his services, a personal gift may be given to him at the time of the ceremony.

Available Locations and Times

St. Mary's Church

Located in Park City's entry corridor in the meadow on Highway 224 and White Pine Canyon Road, weddings may be celebrated at St. Mary's Church on Saturdays at 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM. No exceptions.

Old Town Chapel

Located just off of Main Street at the top of Park Avenue in Old Town Park City, the Old Town Chapel was St. Mary's original Church building. Built in 1884, it is Utah's Oldest Catholic Church. Weddings may be celebrated in the Old Town Chapel at 10:00 AM (May - October), 12:30 PM, and 3:00 PM.

weekday weddings

Depending on availability and clergy schedules, weddings may also take place in either church on weekdays (other than holy days), but are not permitted on Sundays.

During Lent

Church law discourages wedding ceremonies during the season of Lent. When Lenten ceremonies are necessary the rites are to be simple and unadorned.

The date and time for the rehearsal must also be scheduled. Rehearsals usually occur the evening before the wedding. One hour will be allocated for the rehearsal, and no more than 2 1⁄2 hours for the actual wedding including the ceremony, receiving line and photography. Since other events are scheduled at our churches please observe these time limits carefully.

parish wedding coordinator

Upon receipt of the enclosed form and payment you will be emailed confirmation of your wedding date and rehearsal time. Please check this e-mail for accuracy. If there is any question contact the parish secretary immediately.

A parish wedding coordinator will be given responsibility for assisting you in the celebration of your marriage ceremony. We wish to make every effort to personalize your plans and make your wedding day as beautiful as possible. Your parish wedding coordinator will contact you to set up an initial appointment to meet you both and discuss your wedding plans. Your parish wedding coordinator will be available to you to respond to the many practical details involved in planning a wedding. She will also conduct your rehearsal and be present at the ceremony to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Do not hesitate to call her if you have questions.

Note: Many couples elect to hire a professional wedding planner to attend to the many details involved in the celebration of a wedding. These welcome professionals can be of great assistance to you. If you hire a professional wedding planner please advise them in advance that a parish coordinator is assigned to you by the parish to oversee the church-related details of your wedding. Professional wedding coordinators have no responsibilities and no authority regarding your marriage preparation, planning your marriage ceremony, or the rehearsal and ceremony itself. Further, it is important that you give to your professional wedding planner a copy of these guidelines and explain that they are to be adhered to strictly.

pre-nuptial preparation

Marriage preparation
Marriage preparation at St. Mary's is in accordance with canon law and diocesan policy. While this preparation varies, it normally includes:

1. The completion of church documentation and canonical forms

2. Attendance at diocesan programs

3. Parish mentoring

4. The planning of the ceremony

Documents Needed by Parish

The following documents should be mailed (no later than one month prior to wedding date) to:

St. Mary's Church
Attn: Parish Secretary
1505 White Pine Canyon Rd
Park City, UT 84060

These include:

  • A copy of baptismal certificates are required of all Catholic and baptized non-Catholics. Catholics require an original certificate issued by the church of baptism dated within six months of the wedding date.
  • An affidavit of Marriage Freedom (to be obtained from the person conducting pre-nuptial preparation) is required of both parties.

Civil Document
A civil marriage license must be obtained within 30 days of the marriage date from the County Clerk of any county in Utah. Offices are open from 8:00 - 4:00 Monday through Friday. Fee is $40.00. Blood testing is no longer required. Out-of-state licenses are not valid in Utah. Civil marriage licenses may be obtained from the following offices:

  • Salt Lake County - 2001 South State St. South Bldg. 2nd floor
  • Summit County - 60 North Main, Coalville
  • Wasatch County - 25 North Main, Heber

Diocesan Programs
The Diocese of Salt Lake City offers two programs for those preparing for marriage: Catholic Engaged Encounter and Seminar on Natural Family Planning. The latter is required of all couples being married in a Catholic ceremony. For information contact: Office of Family Life Pastoral Center, 27 C St. Salt Lake City, UT 84111, (801) 328-8641

Parish Mentoring
Most parishes offer additional sessions either with the pastor or his delegates to focus on the marriage commitment. These may include a mentor couple, the use of prenuptial questionnaires, or professional counseling services.

Planning your ceremony at St. Mary's

Weddings of Catholics will be celebrated according to the rites of the Roman Catholic Church. Any additions to the rite will be evaluated by the officiating priest/deacon as to suitability and in light of cultural backgrounds of the couple.

The wedding coordinator will assist you in planning your ceremony. The readings, prayers, vows, music, flowers and decorations, and photography require careful forethought and planning. The following is meant to guide you in your planning:


The Word of God always takes precedence in all ceremonies with the Gospels in the place of honor. Secular readings, poetry or personal prayers should be used sparingly and never in place of the Scriptures. A selection of readings from the scriptures appropriate for wedding ceremonies will be made available to you by the person doing your wedding preparation.


A variety of prayers are used in both the Nuptial Mass and Nuptial Ceremony. Please select from the options available.


Two formats for consent (vows) have been approved by the Church. Either may be used. These vows should be memorized by the couple prior to the rehearsal in preparation for their wedding. You will also want to memorize the brief text used at the exchange of rings.


The principles guiding music for weddings are the same as those which form the basis for music in all liturgies. Your parish wedding coordinator will assist you in the selection of attractive and appropriate compositions. The following criteria should be kept in mind:

1. The liturgical judgment - Is the selection appropriate to its place in the ceremony or the Mass?

2. The pastoral judgment - At this religious service, will the piece of music help people to pray and express their spirit of joyous worship? In general, the music of Broadway shows, concert hall recitals, love songs or secular ballads are best left to the wedding reception where another dimension of the celebration of marriage prevails.

Ministries for your Wedding

Organists and other musicians: Your wedding coordinator can recommend potential organists or other musicians including soloists or singing groups. The Old Town Chapel has a Rodgers C220 keyboard. The organ in the new church is a single manual tracker pipe organ. Pianos are in both churches. It is strongly recommended that musicians unfamiliar with the instruments in St. Mary's churches and the acoustics of the buildings reserve in advance a time to practice prior to your wedding.

The number of people involved in your wedding liturgy can vary. The essential participants required are the bride and groom, a priest or deacon, and two witnesses. In addition to these, you will likely want to have one or more of the following:


These readers of the Word should be chosen well in advance and may be family members, friends or members of the wedding party. One or more lectors should be chosen to read the Old Testament reading, the Responsorial psalm (unless sung), the New Testament reading and the Universal Prayer/Prayers of the Faithful. Lectors should plan to attend the rehearsal. The readings will be provided at the rehearsal and the wedding.

Altar Servers

The use of altar servers is optional. One or more altar servers may be present to serve the ceremony or the nuptial mass. You may select relatives or friends to fill this role if they are experienced.

Eucharistic Ministers

For a Nuptial Mass two Eucharistic ministers are needed for the distribution of the cup. These must be practicing Catholics in good standing, preferably with experience in this ministry in their local parish. The bride and groom may also be Eucharistic ministers. These ministers are delegated by the priest celebrating the Nuptial Mass for this specific occasion.

Wedding Party

Two witnesses (usually your best man and maid/matron of honor) are required to be present. You may also include others such as groomsmen and bridesmaids. If you choose to include others, due to the space at the foot of the altar, no more than a total of eight per side is requested. Sometimes Ushers are used to help seat your guests when they arrive at the church. Groomsmen may also act in this role.

Ring Bearers and Flower Girls

Both ring bearers and flower girls, though optional, can be used in the wedding ceremony. Their roles are ceremonial. It is wise not to use children under four years of age for these roles. Flower petals may not be dropped during the procession. It is also ill advised to have the ring bearer carry the actual rings to be used during the ceremony.

decorations, etiquette & more

The altar is sacred. No candles, flowers or anything else should ever be placed on it.

Liturgical Seasons
Decorations regularly adorn the church, the sanctuary, reredos and Gathering Space. These decorations are never to be moved or rearranged to accommodate a wedding. Furniture, chairs, and floral displays are not to be moved. Plan your wedding colors to complement those already present in the church. As a general guide to monthly theme colors:

  • Early January - Christmas Red and White
  • Mid January & Early February - Ordinary Time Green
  • *Mid to Late February - Lent Purple
  • *March - Lent purple
  • April - May - Easter White, Spring Colors
  • June-September Ordinary Time green
  • October - November Ordinary Time harvest themes
    *Note: the above are meant as a guide. The dates for most seasons and feasts of the church
    calendar vary. If this is important to you, be sure to check your wedding date's placement in the liturgical year.

*The Season of Lent is a penitential season. Weddings are discouraged. When weddings occur they should be done simply. Flowers and decorations are to be minimized.

While there is no limit regarding the number of floral bouquets or arrangements for a wedding, in both churches, less is more effective than more. Flowers and/or ribbons may be attached to the pews if they can be easily removable without damaging the pew finish. However, no wedding flowers are permitted on the wooden dais and reredos.

NO TAPE AND NO NAILS MAY EVER BE USED ON ANY SURFACES. If you are having decorations attached to the pews or elsewhere, please be sure to have a designated person who will be responsible for removing them immediately following the wedding. No flower arrangements are permitted on the wooden sanctuary platform in the new church. They may be placed on the floor at pew level. Stands are to be provided by the florist. Please insure that your designated person assumes responsibility for their prompt removal and return. St. Mary's is not responsible for returning items supplied by florists. Your wedding coordinator has been instructed to remove any flowers or decorations deemed to be in violation of these guidelines.

Suggestions for flowers in the new church
Flowers may be placed on the concrete floor. Because of the extreme height of the church arrangements less than 10' high with stand are of no effect. Flowers will already be present on the reredos of the new church. Small bouquets work well on the table for altar gifts at the front of the aisle, at the shrine of the Blessed Virgin. Large arrangements can be placed on stands at the entry doors, both to the church proper and the gathering space. Suggestions for flowers in the Old Town Chapel: Free standing arrangements are permitted in the sanctuary. Since the ambo is brought into the church for the wedding, allow space for it. Smaller arrangements work well in the entry way. Bouquets can be placed in the window sills. Flowers and/or ribbons on the pews are not recommended due to the narrowness of the aisle. No fresh or artificial flower petals or leaves are to be spread inside or outside the new church or Old Town Chapel. They are not only messy and can stain the floor but are dangerous and increase risk of falling.

The Unity Candle
The unity candle is not part of the Catholic celebration of matrimony. We ask that if you desire a unity candle, it be used at the rehearsal dinner or reception instead.

The use of balloons or other helium-filled devices is prohibited.

Runners are unnecessary and dangerous, especially in the new church. No runners are permitted in either church.

Glitter in any form is not allowed, not as decoration, in makeup or as decoration on clothing.

Your wedding photos are important and precious. Time should be given to planning them carefully with your photographer prior to your wedding day. A poorly informed photographer can ruin your wedding. Inform your photographer of the 2 1/2 hour time constraint on your use of the church. Flash photography is permitted during the procession into the church at the bride's discretion. Only non-flash photographs may be taken during the wedding ceremony. The photographer must be discreet and not distract from the ceremony. The photographer should be well versed about Catholic sacred space and the reverence expected in our churches. In particular, the Blessed Sacrament chapel behind the reredos is not to be entered for photo purposes. A list of suggested photographers is available from your wedding coordinator. You are not limited to this list. However, photographers not on the list are asked to meet with the wedding coordinator prior to the wedding to clarify our expectations. Video cameras may also be used, but must be placed unobtrusively in a stationary position. No cameras or microphones are ever permitted on the sanctuary platform. Photos may be taken in the church and on the church grounds before or after the ceremony. Please inform your photographer and wedding party that the church is not a studio but a house of worship demanding due proper reverence and respect. A photographer’s formal portrait session can be quite time consuming. Since only 2 1/2 hours are allocated for each wedding, and to prevent conflict with events scheduled after your wedding, consider taking your formal portraits before the ceremony. Your photographer will appreciate it, and it will also help you begin your ceremony on time and arrive at your reception in a timely fashion. Please remember to observe proper reverence whenever you are in the church.

Dressing for the ceremony
The bride and her party may dress and prepare for the wedding at the church. The groom and his party should arrive at the church dressed and prepared.

Old Town Chapel: the bride and her party may dress in the Chapel Hall attached to the church.

St. Mary's Church: the bride and her party may dress in the parish meeting room adjacent to the gathering space.

Church Etiquette
Courtesy and respect should characterize your wedding day. The church in particular is to be honored as a place of quiet reverence. It is a place of prayer. Conduct conducive to prayer is expected. The following is a brief list of things to keep in mind:

1. Please designate a friend or member of your family to oversee cleanup of the church and bridal areas after the ceremony. This includes removal of personal belongings of the wedding party; attachments to pews, cleanup of the bridal preparation area and returning all spaces to their original setup. This important person is also asked to return all areas to the cleanliness and the orderliness in which you found them by removing all boxes and hangers, make-up kits and spray bottles.

2. In the Catholic Church it is proper that your guests be invited to the Nuptial Mass or the Wedding Ceremony. The physical addresses are provided below.

Old Town Chapel
St. Mary of the Assumption Church
121 Park Avenue
Park City, UT

Approximate seating 125

St. Mary of the Assumption Church

1505 W. White Pine Canyon Road
Park City, UT

Approximate seating 600

3. No rice or bird seed is to be thrown inside or outside the church. They are not only messy, but dangerous. Approved wild flower mixes used as a sign of life may be thrown outside the new church, or a tree may be planted as a perpetual memorial of your marriage.

4. Rehearsal Information: The church is the House of God and the same quiet reverence that is normally displayed will be expected at the rehearsal and before the ceremony begins. Please dress appropriately. Extremely casual attire is both disrespectful and distracting. Please meet your wedding coordinator in the Chapel Hall (Old Town Chapel) or gathering space (St. Mary's Church) to begin the rehearsal. After all have gathered and been welcomed a brief introduction to the ceremony will be given and then you will proceed to enter the church. Bring your Marriage License so that it may be completed during the rehearsal.

5. Other events are often scheduled in our churches on the day of the wedding. Therefore to avoid being rushed and to make the greatest use of the limited time in which you have reserved the church, please have all the members of the wedding party be prompt for both the rehearsal and the wedding.

6. The presence of alcoholic beverages during the rehearsal and prior to the wedding is inappropriate. Food or beverages of any kind are never to be brought into the church.

Note: Since alcohol may impair a person’s freedom and consent it may also adversely affect the validity of marriage. Accordingly, should a wedding coordinator notify the minister of the ceremony of the presence of alcohol among the members of the wedding party, the minister at his discretion may cancel the wedding immediately.

*For all wedding info, contact Sandy Foley at (435) 940-5455 or via email below*

Email Parish Administrator